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Equipment Rentals

types of equipment we rent

Standard Setup and Equipment required in most work zones includes:

  • Safety Truck with beacon lights

  • 12 Signs & Stands:

    • 3 Worker Ahead

    • 3 Be Prepared to Stop

    • 3 Flagger Ahead

    • 1 Right/Left Lane Closed

    • 1 Transition

    • 1 Bike Lane Closed (in urban areas)

  • 20 Safety Cones

Call us for rates on Standard Setup or for additional Equipment as follows:

  • 48” x 48” Signs w/Stands

  • 28” Cones

  • Type I, II, III Barricades (with required signage per TCP)

  • Arrow Boards

  • PCMS Board

All other equipment available upon request. 

Equipment can be picked up at our location or we can deliver, set up and tear down for a fee.

Call or contact us today!

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